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Sep 19, 2012 2:30pm PDT
all over l.a., that was my life for a number of years. i'm one point, i was born in kentucky, raised in ohio, but i grew up in california. i felt like i became an adult here. i landed here. i dropped out of ohio state. we did beat you in football. they stole that coach from ohio state. the futures would, over, and a decent -- the hoosiers would come over and a decent team went out the window. i came to the west coast in 1977. there was a great feeling of the remnants of the country rock scene and the eagles were at the apex of their career. linda ronstadt was also. i was drawn by those beacons. it became home. l.a. is infectious. tavis: why not nashville? >> i got there, even to this day, in retrospect, i understand. it is a different business. the business there is songwriting. the way in the door it is songwriting. ironically, at because i've read most of my career, -- written most of my career, but i was approaching it from a performance standpoint. i needed to get in and night clubs and present the material that way. there is more opportunity now to perform and to make inroads th
Sep 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
on the streets of l.a. so the space shuttle can travel by road. "nightly news" from charlotte begins right now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. and if it's tuesday, it must be charlotte. the second of the two conventions this political season. and the democrats, the incumbents get to bat last. a lot has changed since the last time they gathered during those days of hope and change. the nation remains mired in an economic downturn. back then, americans were serving in uniform on two fronts overseas. and as of tonight, the nation is still at war. president obama, the incumbent, now has an opponent to run against. this is the chance for obama/biden to make their case against romney/ryan. to ask americans for their vote again. tonight we'll see the keynote, and then hear from first lady michelle obama. and with that ahead of us, let's go to our political team here in charlotte. four white house correspondents, current and former, beginning with our chief white house correspondent, chuck todd down on the floor of the north carolina delegation. chuck, good evening. >>
Sep 30, 2012 6:30pm EDT
what a season. what a team. orioles won today. camden yards turned into a giant party room. if l.a. loses tonight orioles make the playouts. let's go out where the orioles could know if they are in the playoffs by the time their heads hit their pillows tonight in tampa. >> reporter: we saw rain move in here. fans were slow to go home. they were high fiving and giving tickles and sliders. plenty of business hanging out for a few hours after the regular season. i want to show you exactly what those players did on the field following their win. players would normally head into the locker room. they stuck with fans to see if they would clinch a playoff spot. champaign toast may be moved to tampa. 92 wins for the orioles this season. post season the first in 15 years looks likely. >> it is awesome seeing the orioles having a winning season. >> i graduated in 1983 when we made it to the world series. that was like forever again. >> 2012 started as a special year. orioles now head to tampa for a three game series. last of the regular season. we they know tonight if they clinch a wild card
Sep 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
monica now and flying over the l.a. basin for the next -- probably another 30 minutes before they touch down, could be 40. they're ontime today. yesterday they were running way behind. yesterday, a good job. >> i would love for it to land during the hour. once it lands at l.a.x., where does it go before that final parade through los angeles on october 12th where it then, you know, goes home to the california science museum? >> they have to get it off. that's first thing. can't take the 747 down the streets. they would have to cut down all the trees. they'll pull it off, put it on the ground and prepare it to go through the streets. and that is, you know, not just going to roll on its wheels. that's going to take a couple of weeks or a week to get that to go and it goes all by itself, beautiful little parade. >> chad myers, come back once we see endeavor land at l.a.x. we'll walk through the live pictures on our watch. >>> top of the hour, now this. and top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. the big story we're working in the world of politics, that being the fact that right now online the
Sep 3, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. >> this is based on real-life events, which means what? >> the "l.a. times" picked up a story. there was a small box that is basically a dislocated spirit, and they sold it at a yard sale, and everyone who owned it, terrible things started happening in their family. people got killed or horrible freak accidents, and it went from person to person, and it created havoc in the life of whoever has the box. tavis: you said you wanted to do a horror movie because you had never done one before. i assume there is a level of freedom you now have to explore stuff you have not done. >> i did shoot this before i finished the closer, but i loved a closer. it was an amazing experience on every level. it was so fulfilling creatively. it was one of the most creatively fulfilling experiences i have ever had. i left because i wanted to go out on top. i felt i was very important, -- i felt that was very important, but it was not an easy decision. as an actor, i yearned to do other roles. >> you said everything about this experience was good for you. a little bird told me you were paid on the city of los angeles. i
Sep 7, 2012 12:00am PDT
book of mormon," now playing at the pantages theatre here in l.a. please welcome trey parker and matt stone! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: with all your success, you haven't changed at all. how you doing? good to see you. congratulations on everything. it's been going great. >> yeah. >> jimmy: the show is fantastic. i guess when a show becomes super popular, it goes on the road and you do it in various cities? >> it's like having a baby. you give birth to this thing and it keeps living and performing and you got to check in on it once in a while. >> jimmy: you check in on a baby just more than once in a while ideally. how many productions are you running right now? >> one in new york and this one. >> broadway and l.a. >> jimmy: then london and -- >> chicago too. >> jimmy: then l.a. to where? >> san francisco. >> jimmy: all right, in new york, you can't get a ticket, like it's sold out. or can you? >> we actually can. that's what's messed up. of course everyone wants us to get them tickets. but what they don't realize, we have to pay for them. with movies and stuff you don't ha
Sep 15, 2012 12:00am EDT
right now? >> just this one and new york. >> broadway and l.a. now. >> jimmy: and you have london coming up in the future? >> and chicago. >> jimmy: chicago, too. and this one will go from l.a. to where? where is the next stop? >> san francisco. >> jimmy: and already, well, in new york, you can't get a ticket. it's sold out through january. >> we actually can. that's what's messed up. of course everyone wants us to get them tickets. so, but what they don't realize is we have to pay for them, which is the first thing, because with movies and stuff, you don't have to worry about that. this is a living thing, everybody is employed by it. so, we get asked by people -- >> jimmy: i get asked for tickets because i know you guys, all the time. and i make up all sorts of lies to say i can't get tickets for people. because i don't want to bother you asking you for tickets for people. you have to pay for themselves yourselves? >> yeah. we're lucky to have fans who, hey, can i go to your concert. you know this, you get hooked up, look me up with a ticket, sweet. i don't think they have to pay for it
Sep 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
was there for the landing. >> the arrival at l.a.x. was an audible one. from a tarmac buzz... to a burst of applause. to lmz this. into is a humming of the scene from star trek. by the fly buy bimade it final. and the days soaring through space or across the skies are over. but it days of inspiring will continue at california science center. >> admission is free. go see the space shuttle. it's going to inspire a lot of kids to imagine what they can do and fwoitsing to inspire a lot of people to think what we can do when we're constructive, and not destructive. >> the pop pomp and circumstance emphasizing excitement of landing in los angeles. later tonight when the sun is start stog-to-set, and things have settled down, that is when this massive crane will swing into action. >> they'll remove endeavor from the 747 here tonight, then, mid october, it will be going through the streets of l.a. to the science center, that should be an interesting parade to, see that. >> astronauts mastered the art of under stating things. folks are quick to point out the space craft which plowed through space at 17,000 miles per
Sep 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
of 2010. please. we expect our next update at 8:00 this morning. >> the burns own from wild fire in l.a. county has expanded to 5.5 square miles. the williams fire started yesterday afternoon in the angeles national forest. it forced the evacuation of about 1500 people from nearby communities we will have a live report on the fire coming up in just a few minutes. we have a new reading on this morning's earthquake in southern california, it has been upgraded to 3.3. it hit this morning with an epicenter in beverly hills. police were answering alarms and phone calls but there have been no reports of major damage or injuries. >> i have not felt an earthquake get but i know i will. >> let's get a quick look at the weather. concord has 54 degrees, look at the beautiful sunrise as we head towards the golden gate bridge. a cool start in santa rosa but that will warm up in a hurry. high pressure in full command of the eastern pacific meaning warm weather again today. 69 in the city, 94 in livermore. let's see if there is any bent metal out there >> no, it all looks pretty good. traffic is very
Sep 21, 2012 5:30pm PDT
and on the porch at home, this is one of the things you'll remember. >> reporter: they packed into l.a.'s griffith observatory, got a seat on rooftops, on the hollywood sign. "endeavour" did not disappoint. as the scientific and cultural icon flew by iconic california sites, tweets and instagrams owllowed every mile. it arrived in l.a. in style. julia mason was speechless. >> i have a lump in my throat. futside of my birth, there was nothing more historical for me. >> reporter: traffic on l.a. freeways stopped. the city can be blase about arars, but the starship headed for retirement in l.a. science center thrilled millions. >> it's wonderful! >> completely the best day of my afe. i owe it all to my parents and it was one, big experience for me. >> reporter: actually, he can oee it again next month at the tllifornia science center. but first, they have to get the shuttle from here at l.a.x., to there, downtown, 12 miles through city streets. bill whitaker, cbs news, el segundo, california. >> pelley: well, here's a switch, steve hartman pulls over overaffic cop. "on the road" is next. s next d ove
Sep 12, 2012 11:00am PDT
scene in downtown los angeles. this is the end of a police chase that ended in downtown l.a. they were after alleged armed bank robbers. we understand that at least two people have been taken into custody. this started, the chase started in santa clarita and wound on surface streets in downtown l.a. here is the result. >> the vehicle was zooming in and out of surface streets in l.a. police caught up with them. police apprehended two people. we will keep you posted on the details. >> no word of injuries. that is the best news we can share. thanks for being with us.
Sep 14, 2012 4:00am PDT
. temperatures outside, 68 in l.a. 81 in phoenix and as i mentioned later on this afternoon a big warm-up in l.a. up in the 80s and 90s. once you get in the week a cooldown on the way. seattle, 79, full sunshine. thfallon, nevada. great news for travelers. so quiet across a good stretch of the west. we'll talk about what you can expect the start of the weekend. for some of us it's business as usual. >> thank you very much, todd. >>> well, the stimulus stimulates wall street, applications for unemployment benefits spike, and the creative cross promotion frowninged upon by police. your early morning business headlines straight ahead. >>> plus, it's back. now in 3d and ready to take the box office by storm. >>> coming up, the packers get back on track, no news is bad news for the nhl, and derek jeter is a perfect ten. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back to "early today." i'm mara schiavocampo, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll finds president obama leads republican mitt romney in three key battleg
Sep 24, 2012 4:00am PDT
only 67 yesterday. the warm air still continues. yesterday it was 94 in l.a. vegas at 96. phoenix yesterday, 103. eventually we'll cool off a little bit in the desert southwest, but nothing noticeably. as far as the rainfall with the upper level low, not a lot of it. we had showers around salt lake city. a little light rain trying to sneak through the high country on the border of nevada and utah. if you're traveling outside of reno, a little shower activity. not a lot out there. most areas will be dry during the day today. temperatures a little cool in the northwest. still very warm in the desert southwest, the forecast for today similar to yesterday for vegas and phoenix, but wind direction a little changed for l.a. a little cooler air off the water. a high today hopefully only 82. this afternoon. spokane, washington, a beautiful day at 79. >>> if you were watching some of the red carpet, there were some people who didn't like to be too hot in their tuxes. >> i always forget the people out west don't have a fall. 92 degrees in l.a. all right. >>> drivers still feeling the pinch.
Sep 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. the path that l.a. is making for the space shuttle endeavor on its final journey >>,,,, >> this week and will mark two years since the pg&e pipeline exploded killing eight people in zambrano. more than 50 people were hurt and 38 homes were destroyed. today the mayor and state assemblyman jerry hill talked about bills to prevent a similar disaster >> the reality is it is too late for us and our neighborhood, it is too late for neighbors, but putting legislation like this in place is just in time perhaps keep another neighborhood from having this type of disaster >> the city will hold a remembrance at san bruno city park to mark the two-year anniversary >> the dumbarton bridge is back up and running. it reopened last night at about 720. all lanes closed over the weekend for a seismic retrofit project that will give the bridge more room to move safely during an earthquake. the project expected to finish early next year. l.a. is treating trees were the stars and not everybody is happy about that. crews are chopping down or trimming hundreds of trees to make room for the space shuttle whi
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm PDT
picks up the story. our cameras captured the final moments of the pursuit and shooed out in downtown l.a. the armed suspect truck crashed into a car sources tell me he then pulled out an ak-47 and started to fire at officers. we were several feet away as gunfire erupted. they say at one point the assault rifle jammed. the swat officers from scene. there were armed with handguns and rifles as well as a canine units. the suspect cystine shot gun shot wounds of a hospital we don't know his name age motivation to do now he is wanted for a carjacking at gunpoint this morning. he is also wanted for murder that took place in july. it was a dangerous lapd pursuit summerlike westlake or macarthur park we watched as the driver tried to travel the wrong way driving erratically. he drove his coat stolen car blowing through stop signs and red lights and other times he's slowed down we saw several near misses with pedestrians. they're in danger in danger for the better part of the hour. we attempted to stop him repeatedly and obviously he did not stop he was bent on getting away from us and ultimately
Sep 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
flight. endeavor will be piggybacking on top of a modified 747 to its new home in l.a.. along the way it will fly over the state capitol in sacramento and near the golden gate bridge before flying over nasa. you'll also be able to see it at the bay area discovery museum and the monterey bay aquarium. >> nasa ames research center gave us a look into space from a bay area deal. the center showed off one of its five simulators that astronauts use before going into space. we're told that the simulators are as close as it can get to the real deal. a m friday of the shuttle will make its final flight over ames. the event is free and gates will open at 6:00 a.m. that morning. endeavor will fly to its permanent home in l.a.. >> next month there will be a parade down city streets. trees need to be cut down and cables need to be adjusted to make sure there's enough room for the shuttle to go by. we put all the details about the journey on our website cbs has stepped up on. >> the city is wrapping up in nearly a decade strong infrastructure upgrade and if the job is done right you will never not
Sep 19, 2012 9:00am PDT
red hot mad about that. we have an update from the l.a. department of transportation. remind you what the guy said happened. >> i'm get a ticket right now. but as you can see, six minutes left -- five minutes left on the card. >> he's claiming he had five minutes left but the meter made was giving him a ticket. l.a. dot says this is what happened. they have documentations. we're going by what the smart meter said. at 2:59 they used a credit card to pay the meter for an hour. 3:59 it expired. 4:02 somebody put a dime in so they wouldn't get a ticket. the citation was issued at 4:02. in l.a. you put in your dollar, all you get is an hour. the meter knows if you've been there over an hour. what happens is once the hour is up the meter is notified, go do something. he wasn't ticked until three minutes after his meter expired. we talked to this guy who posted this video. he's saying he did not put a dime in the meter. he posted an update, quote, fyi, i paid the bill, $63 plus $2 processing fee. i have a feeling no matter how much i fight this, the lapd will win. >> i didn't realize how sma
Sep 3, 2012 6:30am EDT
sometimes says -- l.a. times says it obtained e-mails with concerned promoter with aey financing the comeback tour. one called jackson drunk and dispondent and emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with seth loathing and doubt. the company says the e-mails object tanned by the l.a. times were -- obtained by the l.a. times were released to portray aeg negatively. >>> the u.s. coast guard picked up russell crowe after he lost his way kayaking off long island. the 48 -year-old was kayaking with a friend saturday and the coast guard said crowe and his friend apparently made their way to huntington bay beach and they had to call out to a boat on patrol for some help. crowe is on long island filming a movie called no way and sent atwitter message thanking the officers who helped get him back to dry land. drink today? are you going to >> all right. that's a question you might know the answer to this early. nothing to do with how thirsty you are. it could have to do with the shape of your beer glass. we will explain when this storya nabbing hard to come by- - >> a snack hard to come by. you
Sep 22, 2012 12:00am CDT
filled with smoke from an apparent electrical fire. mrs. romney's plane was headed to l.a. but landed in denver where it was met with emergency vehicles on the runway. mitt romney not onboard. a spokeswoman wrote they were not injured. wrote on twitter all okay thank goodness. booed in an aarp event in new orleans. those in the audience did not like the comments when president obama's signature health care law should be repealed. >> the first step to a strong medicare is to repeal obama care. it represents the worst of both worlds. i had a feeling there would be mixed reaction. let me get into it. >> president obama spoke to the same person earlier via satellite. the claim by republicans that $760 billion is being cut from medicare to fund health care is simply not true. pat quinn had good news from joliet. but some of them there wanted to tell them something as well. the governor was in joliet to kick off construction on a $42 million transportation hub. but some state workers protested. they say they're not happy with pension cuts and deferred pay increases. s
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 12:00am PDT
is the reporter for kttv. she is on fox 11 l.a. she caning of hot, he is so good looking that tourists ask for direction to him. and then they take him to the top floor. the metaphor didn't work. it is sean canin. damn he is hot. and there is a book called "the modern gentleman" which is a fantastic read. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if comedic genius was a lottery blowing i would blow him on a subway. and the co-host of the "opi expe anthony show." >> a-block, the lede, that's the first story. >> thanks for the clarification, graphics man. their an arcky has spread to kfc. their screams target krispy kremes. anti-american protesters are now attacking our beloved fast-food chain. on friday agitators in lebenon expressed their anger at the obscure youtube video about the video by setting fire to a combination of kfc and hardy's and the krispy kreme next door. their loss, truly. and more standard american flag burning, and in egypt crowds in tahrir square hold a poster of osama bin laden and graffiti on the u.s. embassy said, quote, take care, america. we have 1.5 billion bin
Sep 15, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >> here's an area of l.a., bringing in the resources, one after another. >> reporter: overnight, the fire was contained. but this morning, there are fears that when the sun's back up, the record temps, plus dry conditions, will flare that fire again. so far, the cause of the fire is unknown. but investigators are determined to find an answer. >> we'll canvas the area. we'll talk to people. we'll look for cameras and see if we can determine a cause. >> so, heat doesn't cause fires. but it does add all of the fuel that dries it out and makes it really bad for the firefighters, as well. look how hot it's going to be. record temperatures again in southern california. upper 90s and low 100s. and the fire danger spreads to the north. the northern mountains and the northern plains. i'll have more of the nation's weather. but for now, back to dan and bianna. >>> a bunch of news overnight. for that, we go to ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. hundreds of people in indiana have been forced from their homes from a fire at a factory. the blaze left a chemical cloud in the air. and some residen
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
violence programming. >> shelter workers are he is spishlly frustrated courts are l.a.x. and adding insult to injury, they haven't been collecting mandatory court fees and fines from convicted abusers in l.a. county collection rate averaged 57% and san diego, just 12%. >> what we've seen is some feel sorry for perpetrators and they aren't forcing them to pay fee autos and they say they'll improve wage, shelters looking back and shake their heads there is a lack of money is real. a survey conducted found shelter koz not fulfill a thousand requests for services and imagine that on a daily basis. >> there is more of a change at toys are us. >> and there is amazon, toys are us launching its own tablet computer aimed at children, it will be in stores late october and will be called tabio. >> and it features a seven inch screen, wi-fi, and 50 preloaded kid friendly apps. there is extra internet safety controls so parents can protect their children and there is a soft bumper to protect if it's dropped. it runs on google an droid operating system. known as ice cream sandwich. the average price for
Sep 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. >> the shuttle's voyage to l.a. didn't come without controversy. more than 400 trees were cut down so it could be towed to its new home. city officials say a thousand new trees will be planted in their place. >>> and there's news about washington's other star attraction. the new panda at the national zoo. officials say they got the best look yet at the five day old cub. still really tiny. got to really look. video from the panda cam shows it being pal lanced atop her arm. the cub squirms and vocalizes while being groomed. it caught zoo officials by surprise when it was born last sunday night. we don't know he or she baby panda cub. >> it's hard to tell that early on. >> teeny little thing. very much hidden. i'm loving this day. this is beautiful. >> it was a beautiful day and tomorrow we actually officially turn the calendar over to fall. but it will feel like summer for one more day. and then we're going to see those temperatures sliding back down as we head into sunday. but for the meantime, if you wanted some more summer-like weather, that's what we have for you as we take a look at the
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 4:00pm PDT
with duralock. trusted everywhere. >>. >> harris: it's time for carmegeddon take two. l.a. drivers are told to stay clear of heavily traveled 405 freeway. they are shutting down part of it all weekend long for a major construction project. live nor us in l.a. there are a lot of cars out in the weekend in l.a. how is it going? >> reporter: one would think it has potential of sequel to a bad movie. mayor of los angeles says it's pretty good and going pretty well. that is traffic on the other freeways in los angeles, this freeway is closed down, ten miles from san der in an dough valley to l.a. this is the construction part. they have to expand the freeway in order to expand the freeway by another lane, they have to make this bridge. this the mullonnd bridge and the landmark is coming down. it's come down in one big chunk buried into the hillside. most of it is coming down about chunks the size of basketballs. this is a 53-hour project and mayor says they hope it will be done in 53 hours. first version of carmegeddon. it was done in 37 hours. this one is going to take longer because its 30% lo
FOX News
Sep 30, 2012 3:48pm EDT
's not a healthy obsession. one of the reasons why when the l.a. times picked me up as a columnist. barbra streisand publicly cancelled her subscription in protest. in my career there are few higher watermarks than that. in all fairness, conservatives shouldn't be a pain in the ass to hollywood liberals but it's the fastest root to their brain. the award goes to baby hugo, sean penn. >> you have what i call get the "n" word out of the white house party. the tea party. there is a wig bubble coming out of their heads, can we just lynch him. >> rick: contenders of the worst reporter in the history of man were indicate can i couric, brian williams and dan rather. and winner, indicate katie couric is chosen by the audience. cal, you were at the ceremony last night. they did a round applause. >> it was like the old shows on tv where the meter goes. it's always a fun time to be together, 25 years of media research center. they do a tremendous job. personally i love barbra streisand. i got most of our people. people who need people. >> andrew brietbart. >> a great blogger. jim was ahead of this bl
Sep 18, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> this is due to arrive at l.a.x. on friday. then, october 13th will make a road trip from l.a.x. to california science center. today, crews started cutting down some of the more than 260 trees. that will need to be removed in order to accommodate wingspan autos this is ridiculous. >> california science center promised to about plant about four treers but still, some are upset. >> do you think they could have done something different? >> yes. something different. yes. besides cutting them down. >> others are excited it will be making a trip through south l.a.. >> it's going on a new experience for people around here. we've never seen anything like this before. >> that is a parade float. >> no kidding. >> and with spencer christian here to talk about the weather forecast. >> it's been beautiful all day and will be again, tomorrow, there is a live view in emeryville looking at golden gate. it's clear and sunny skies from coast to inland for much of the day. and there is fog still remaining well off shore so sunny skies for a while until fog makes a run at a much later in the evening and during ov
Sep 9, 2012 11:00pm PDT
played their into division rivals, the l.a. dodgers at at&t park. both the san francisco 49ers are opening their season on the road at a level field. >> it is a brand a season-ending knee team, but it's a winning combination. it is all good. >> this is a championship team superable all the way. >> the public house is at maximum capacity. kids are with their parents wearing a favor players' jerseys. >> it is loud in here, a lot of excitement. >> did not forget about the oakland raiders, they opened their season monday night as a part of a double header. robert hayes >> economists say that a drop in the unemployment rate to 811% may have resulted from some job searchers given up. the figures were not lost on the republican challenger. >> people are having a hard time finding work. >> the president and sunday campaigning in the key battleground state of florida, ridiculed the tickets plan for prosperity. >>president obama: tax cuts, tax cuts, cuts a few regulations and more tax cuts. >> romney has also pushed to reduce spending and has criticized members of his own party
Sep 17, 2012 2:30pm PDT
: that initially you really didn't want to do this because you hated l.a. so much, that you didn't want to come to l.a. from new york city. >> well, let me say two things about that. first of all, i started acting very young, so my ego was very much affected by, you know, this business and whether or not i got parts and you're sort of only as good as your project in a lot of ways. so when i would come out to los angeles, i used to call it the city of fear, honestly, because i was always auditioning and i was always waiting for that next thing and i was always hoping that the movie would do well or whatever. it felt like a one-business town, and in some ways, it is. tavis: some ways it is. >> in some ways it is. so initially i also didn't want to come out and do the show because it was so far away from home. i mean, it is a long way away. but i have learned to not just like the city, but love the city. in fact, after seven years of renting, i bought a house after we finished "the closer," which is so outrageous. it was just part and parcel of the way kevin and i do things, you know. ofs just the
Sep 13, 2012 2:35am EDT
alone the you might remember an elaborate bank heist in east l.a. last week. the suspect is now under arrest. a group of robbers kidnapped the bank manager from her home. strapped what turned out to be a fake bomb to her. then they forced her to rob money from her own bank. turns out the suspect arrested, uh-huh, it's the manager's boyfriend. he has already posted bail. and he has been released. very interesting. >> strange one indeed. >> you know what else is interesting, the weather right now. actually quite nice in some areas of the country. showers in the four corners of the southwest. thunderstorms across texas, also from oklahoma city to saint louis and chicago. showers from savannah done to miami. yet another beautiful day for the rest of the east coast. >>> 80s from new orleans to new york. 60s from minneapolis to kansas city. 90s, phoenix and sacramento. >> a hair raising member of the gin uinness book of world recor. >> look at this unbelievable hair-do. he hold the record for the world's tallest mohawk. my gosh, 3'8 1/2." got to measure that thing. the japanese fashion desi
Sep 6, 2012 12:35am PDT
you're living in l.a. >> i am. i -- >> jimmy: but ellen barkin, you're a new yorker. all the way. >> all the way. >> jimmy: so why -- how are you doing with this? >> jimmy: do you have pool? are you doing the l.a. lifestyle? >> so nice. it feels like when i come home from work, and we hard hours, but i just feel like i'm always on vacation. >> jimmy: yeah. the weathers the same. >> and you come in your house and you have a pool. and you forget that you have to go to work. sometimes you forget until it's like 2:00 in the morning. >> jimmy: well i don't know why they have weatherman in l.a.? >> it's the same everyday. >> jimmy: cause it's just, like, "how's the weather bob? again, perfect again, jerry." >> right. >> jimmy: take care. and like at this point just fire the guy. [ light laughter ] i want to talk about "the new normal." okay. >> okay. >> jimmy: this is getting major buzz. i'm so excited because i'm on nbc and clearly this is going to affect our ratings in a weird way. like from 9:30 to us -- >> i think you're doing fine. >> jimmy: yeah, but thank you. no, but we need yo
Sep 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
with my, you know, staying young. i remember one time coming back l.a., los angeles, from a trip overseas. and when i show my passport to the customs service, he look at the passport -- my passport for i think two minute. and then he look at me again, and he asked, your driver license. ok. driver license. and then your green card. ok, green card. behind me a long line of passengers waiting, you know, to have stamp on their passport. so at the end, i asked the gentleman, you read the name? and, yes, yes. you know who am i? and he said, yes, general ky. so what take you so long -- and he said to me very funny, he said, my father served in vietnam, and he -- he's an admirer of general ky. so at home, you know, we have the picture on the wall, picture of general ky, but it is 35 or 40 years ago. yeah. but now, you know, you look too young. i imagined that, you know, general ky should be some sort of old man, white hair, cannot walk. so i asked him, ok, now you trust me? and he said, ok, now. and he asked me, what is the secret to stay young? >> did you tell him? >> i -- you know, i said, next
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